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Mobiya Lamp

Charged with solar panel

USB Socket+ 5Cabels for Mobile 


350 EGP

1 vote


Best suited for your office

725 EGP

1 vote

watch and talk to your Baby
Moveable Camera 
1900 EGP

0 votes

Surge Protector

5 outlet channels with USB


300 EGP

1 vote

Motion sensor

 Full 360° coverage + lux meter



420 EGP

1 vote

Motorola CT1

Smartphone from Motorola

200 EGP

1 vote

Burglar Alarm

Wireless Security Alarm + Remote Control



1050 EGP

1 vote


 (single-phase)termial connect,output 220v

1030 EGP

1 vote

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Use Movement Sensor With LED Lighting